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Look to Front Street Optometry for a quality Comprehensive Eye Exam. With our state-of the art diagnostic equipment, even subtle changes to your eyes can be detected early. We assess for macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma and dry eye  in every comprehensive exam. We evaluate for systemic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. We communicate with your medical doctor routinely and refer to eye surgeons as needed.  Our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way. Give us a call to schedule a Comprehensive Eye Exam today.

strathroy optometrist
strathroy optometrist


Clear, Comfortable Vision

At Front Street Optometry, our personalized Contact Lens Examination provides patients with the optimal lens choice for their lifestyle. We fit single vision, astigmatism (toric), and bifocal contacts in both soft and rigid lenses. You’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your eye health is in good hands. The Contact Lens Examination includes an initial Fitting Assessment and a Delivery Session, in which patients are taught to handle and care for their contact lenses. Follow-up care is very important within the first year of lens wear, and is always assessed at all future Comprehensive Exams. We also encourage patients to have complimentary progress checks at any time. Ask about contact lens possibilities at your next Comprehensive Eye Exam.


Here For You

No appointment necessary! At Front Street Optometry, our friendly and experienced staff will help you select the best frame for your style, budget, and vision needs. Use your prescription from Front Street Optometry, or from elsewhere, and browse our wide selection of frames. We have Value-Priced to Designer lines for men and women, sun glasses, children's frames and also safety frames. Our frames and lenses have two year warranties. Our doctors recommend the best lens options for your lifestyle, so you can always feel confident that you are looking and seeing your best.

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Your Needs Met

As your eyecare professionals we will meet all of your eyecare needs in one location. We offer same day ocular emergency appointments for issues such as pink eye, infections, foreign bodies (like metal or wood), floaters or flashes of light. Using our Visual Field Analyzer, we monitor and follow glaucoma, strokes, concussions or brain tumors. Now patients can be treated for glaucoma at our office. We treat using eye drops and refer and work with eye surgeons as necessary. We refer patients for LASIK and do all follow-up care at our office. We detect cataracts and refer for surgery when needed. Cataract surgery follow-up care is also performed at our office. Binocular vision assessment and therapy are provided for adults and children alike, using prism therapy, visual training (eye exercises), spectacle therapy, or referral to a surgeon when needed.


Friendly and Professional



Dr. Ron Kreuzer has been practicing in Strathroy for over 36 years. He enjoyed doing research on Vision and Eyes at the University of Waterloo. He has lived in Strathroy where he also raised his three kids and his dog Max.                                   Dr. Kreuzer enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. He likes playing guitar, sketching art, the sport of basketball, and playing golf. He also enjoys hiking along with exercising and working out.


Dr. Dipika Jairath moved to Canada in 2016 from the UK after practicing Optometry for 12 years. She brings a breadth of skills in Primary Care Optometry. Her experience also includes Mentorship of student Doctors and Clinical Teaching at City University, London, UK. Dr. Jairath enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 children. She also enjoys cooking, playing golf and keeping fit.

Our Staff


Dr. Kreuzer, Drue,  Wanda (our Office Manager), Dana and Dr. Jairath are here to help . Our Optometric Team  know many of our patients by name. As Optometric Assistants, they are skilled in booking appointments,

using pre-testing equipment such as our Autorefractor, NCT (for IOP measurement) and OCT (for viewing the Retina and Optic Nerve) They are trained to use our Visual field Analyzer (testing side vision) 

and  also do  Contact Lens Instruction with patients.

  They help patients with selecting frames. They also adjust frames and counsel patients on proper use of Single Vision, Bifocal and Progressive Addition Lenses. They are all very friendly, caring, individuals who are willing to help you with your every need. Our Team at Front Street Optometry all contribute as Eye Care Professionals!

Our Doctors

Here’s What’s Happening



At the recent 2018 myFM Strathroy-Caradoc Awards on Oct. 19, 2018:      

 Dr. Ron Kreuzer and Staff were voted as the favourite Optician/Optometrist and given Awards Certificates from:

1) Mayor Joanne Vanderheyden

2) Bev Shipley MP -Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

3) Monte McNaughton MPP- Lambton-Kent-Middlesex

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Front Street Optometry: Withdrawal of Ohip-covered Services on September 1, 2021: 

Due to a breakdown in negotiations with the Ministry of Health, Optometrists of Ontario, are not able to do Ohip-Insured Exams as of September 1, 2021.

This includes those 19 years of age and younger and ages 65 years old and older. Also those with Medical Issues like Diabetes and Glaucoma between the ages of 20 to 64 years of age.

However, we can put patients in these categories on a  "Wait List" or book them farther ahead, in hope that resolution comes soon.

Also, if there is an Emergency, please inform us and we will ensure that you will get the care you need.

Ontario Optometrists receive the Lowest Rates for Exams in Canada for Covered Eye Exams and we hope the Ontario Government addresses this soon.

See the Rates for Exams for Ontario compared to 4 other provinces.

Rates for Seniors Exams: Ontario $47.00, Alberta $137.02, Manitoba $77.18, Quebec $106.90

Rates for Children's Exams: Ontario $42.50, Alberta $112.64, Manitoba $77.18, Quebec $91.90

We would appreciate your help by signing "Petitions" at our office, which we take to our Local MPP, Hon. Monte McNaughton

or visiting where you can send a letter to your MPP, the Minister of Health and the Premier of Ontario.

Your can let them know that eyecare matters to you and you want this fixed. We thank you for your support.

Dr. Ron Kreuzer and Dr. Dipika Jairath

Front Street Optometry




September 2021: Our office does Direct-Billing for when payment is needed for Eye Examinations (when not covered by OHIP) and for Purchases of Glasses and Contact Lenses as Your Insurance Company provides.
"Patient Appreciation Sale": Sept. 20 - Oct. 1, 2021:  
Come and See our New Inventory of Frames - 20 -50% Off for the Sale:
Alfred Sung, Roots, Neesh, BCGB, Grace, Ice cream, Klick, Guess,
Ray Ban, TLG, Aspire, Leon Max, Da Vinci, Bogue, TMX,
Ray Ban Sunglasses, Vogue Sunglasses, Serengetti Sunglasses.


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